How To Create An Email Marketing Beast

How To Create Powerful Email Marketing Campaigns

Perhaps the most powerful method that can be used by any business to increase sales volume is to collect the email addresses of prospective and current customers and putting this information to work to the advantage of your business. Email marketing is an excellent way of building and maintaining relationships with your customers by providing them with information on new services and products.

Most business collect tons of information on their customers, however many of them don’t make the best use of this information.


If you would like a better response and to be more successful with your email marketing campaigns, then these tips we are providing to you in this article will be just what you need.

4 Tips To Help You Create Powerful Email Marketing Campaigns

1. A Great Headline Is The Key To A Great Response

With billions (or perhaps trillions) of emails sent every day, the huge amount of spam emails that arrive in one’s inbox can be quite overwhelming. It is extremely important to get your reader’s attention at first glance. Otherwise your message will disappear along with the spam.

Your email subject line is your one chance of avoiding the delete button.

Have a great subject line will not only pique your reader’s interest but also give them an indication of what your email is all about.

It is essential to have good copywriting skills in order to elicit a response.

3 Tips For Creating Great Subject Lines And Succeeding With Email Marketing

1. Let your reader know what you are about tell them in your message.

2. Make a statement that is outrageous and then back it up using solid facts inside your message.

3. Use your reader’s name. Personalization will motivate your reader to want to open and read your message.

Work on crafting a subject line that’s as good as an excellent sales headline is. Choose a small portion of your list and then send out your email to them. Keep track of your results, Once you have a high converting subject line it can be sent to the remainder of your list.

Make Sure Your Email Marketing Messages Are Kept To The Point And Short

There are a few good reasons why your email marketing messages should be kept short.

1. Spam filters frequently flag messages that are longer as spam.
2. A majority of people these days don’t have a lot of time for reading email.

Time is the kind of luxury that a majority of people these days don’t have a lot of, so the last thing they’re going to want to spend their precious time on is reading sales emails. The ideal email marketing message will include everything that is needed but not have any excess text or fluff. When crafting your email messages, always ask yourself the question continuously “is this essential?”

When you keep your messages to the point and short, it removes worries of the spam filter being triggered so that your reader never even sees your messages. Spammers over the years have sent such a huge amount of junk email that legitimate businesses are now penalized by the spam filters.

Use Psychology With Your Selling

For some people logic is the governing emotion in their buying decisions. Logical individuals buy based on their needs. However, emotional individuals buy based on their desires. Humans as a species are much more emotional than the are logical. When crafting your message that is something you will definitely want to keep in mind.

Here is a good example:

Which sounds better to you, “Your monthly gift means Little Johnny won’t ever be hungry again” or $20 per month feeds a child for an entire month.”

When purchasing based on emotion and fulfilling a desire, bells and whistles or dollar amounts are not the top priorities.

Include A Call To Action

You have now have your email marketing campaign created, included a strong headline, have short and sweet copy, and are reaching your readers on an emotional level. It is not time to provide a direction to your readers.

Marketers shouldn’t rely on their readers to choose to purchase on their own. When you include a call to action it guides the readers by the hand and helps them make a purchasing decision.

A Serious Email Marketing Question

Why would you work really hard on creating an email marketing campaign but fail to utilize the tips we have provided to you in this article?